"Everyone has a story that will stop your heart." — Claudia Shear


& Social Justice

I’m a storyteller, so I don’t know how to do this work without telling my story – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and inviting others to do the same.  Research has shown that traditional cultures used stories to build and strengthen community, articulate values and beliefs, and engage our emotional and intellectual selves at once. This is as necessary today as it was in ancient times.  As an actor I tap into useful drama tools, improvisation skills and Theatre of the Oppressed techniques to challenge participants to “act out” scenarios and work towards creative solutions.

I am also a skilled facilitator with extensive experience in creating inclusive environments. My Master’s Degree in Cross Cultural Studies provided me with in-depth cross disciplinary study and research on the impact of culture on human relations.  I’ve worked in 15 countries on 4 different continents with non-profit, educational and corporate institutions.  These are the experiences and skills I tap into when serving clients.

Featured KMS Storytelling Presentations

The dramatic/narrative pieces are written or compiled and performed by Kelli McLoud-Schingen. After each performance, Kelli will lead a question and answer session taking care to provide participants with a safe space to begin an open and honest dialogue on human relations.  These presentations are 90 minutes to 2 hours in length (one hour of performance and one half hour question and answer is typical), however, time constraints can be accommodated.

Anything But Black

An in-depth look into the life of one African American woman, the messages she received about blackness and her complicated journey to self-love.

Oppression Monologues

A dramatic reading of poems and short stories written by women of color on the topic of racism.

A Letter to a Friend

An intimate message to a friend from a survivor of domestic abuse.

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2017 Passport Sessions to be announced in November
2017 Passport Sessions to be announced in November

Passport to Inclusion

Passport to Inclusion brings a world of professional experience to Tulsa by hosting some of the world’s premiere Intercultural, Diversity and Inclusion facilitators with incredibly diverse backgrounds from literally all over the world!  I know that it is difficult to make every conference, seminar, and workshop that is offered outside of the southwest region due to the additional costs for air travel so I decided to offer more opportunities for professional development with easy access from Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, New Mexico and throughout Oklahoma.


What you can expect to learn

  • What makes some diversity and inclusion initiatives successful while others fail.
  • Identify ways to create a more inclusive workplace/organization based on extensive global research.
  • Discover new ways to design and deliver relevant inclusion training in your company/organization.
  • Learn how to make your workshops exciting by using simulations, games, improv, and storytelling.
  • Uncover the best strategies to create and lead a meaningful inclusion committee in your organization.
  • Interact with other professionals and learn best practices in the fields of intercultural communications, social justice and diversity from a team of well-known international specialists.


Who should attend

• Corporate D&I Managers

• Intercultural and Diversity Trainers/Facilitators

• Social Justice and Inclusion Trainers/Facilitators

• Organizational Leaders looking to diversify their membership

• Educators with a multicultural student body

• Human Resource Professionals

• Individuals in search of cultural competence

• Parents looking to raise inclusive children


Return in December for 2017 Seminars


Inclusive Leadership

When leadership is inclusive of all team members the group feels valued, supported and eager to dedicate their time, talent and expertise to the institution. In the growing global workplace and competitive non-profit industry, it is crucial to remain relevant in competitive markets and the way to do that is to recruit, develop and retain a truly diverse team. It is also important to recognize the strengths of each team member and become aware of the unconscious bias that may inhibit people from bringing their full selves to their work/group/community. This extremely interactive learning session is designed to help participants understand what it means to be an inclusive leader and develop the practical skills necessary to help everyone engage and contribute fully to the success of their high-performing team.


Identity, Power, Justice and Change

We live in a world that is not neutral. We are surrounded by real or imagined divides -‘us’ and ‘them’. Regardless of what we do, we are inevitably living and working across difference. Who we are, how we identify ourselves and how others identify us, impacts us and our ability to be our best selves, whether at work or in our intimate relationships. This workshop, grounded in identity development theory and “Process Work” concepts of rank and power, is understandable, highly interactive and experiential.  Participants deepen their knowledge and awareness to further develop intercultural competence and emotional intelligence as they work towards social justice.  This session is particularly of value to those parenting multi-cultural, multi-racial children.


Intercultural Connections through Storytelling

By sharing simple stories and identifying cultural narratives, participants will explore how the stories we live, hear, witness, and choose to tell shape our definitions of self, other and the intersections between them. This workshop explores the use of theatre tools, experiential exercises, and personal stories to facilitate healing, cross cultural understanding and transformative change.


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