Reviews & Testimonials

"Kelli is a powerful speaker on issues of cultural identity and equity and was able to reach across cultural divides from China and India to Germany and the United States to open our fellows' eyes to new ways of understanding not only other cultures, but their own.”

Winthrop Carty, Executive Director, Melton Foundation


“Kelli made a huge impact on my intercultural communication students at my university in Finland. I hope that she can return soon and bring her special brand of magic to the classroom.”

Steve Crawford, Senior Lecturer, University of Jyvaskyla


“Kelli combines an unusual blend of unbridled passion for her work in the Cultural Competence arena with deft facilitation skills. She is able to both inspire workshop participants and cue into their most subtle shifts of energy at the same time.”

Jeremy Solomons, Global Leadership and Diversity Coach/Trainer


Kelli’s humane, creative, thoughtful and unassuming approach to the work of diversity, inclusion and social justice allows one to open to the learning process.  She is an educator, always using what people bring to her as rich opportunities for personal transformation. Her work with individuals and groups guarantee evolution and enrichment for all involved.

Dr. Patty Perillo, VPSA, Virginia Tech


"Kelli's presentation was a great opportunity to see the similarities and the differences in our community. She kept me interested in what she had to say and took what I had to say and elaborated on it. It was a great interactive experience."

Tricia Terao, Student San Diego, State University


"Kelli is AMAZING! Her workshops make you think, make you aware, and inspire you to be influential for all those around you. Every time Kelli speaks my eyes are opened more, my mind is strengthened, and my passion for diversity is fueled once again!"

Lisa Chilivetis, Student, Texas A&M University

"Kelli delivers a substantive and exciting diversity training experience!"

Larry Oaks, Executive Director, Texas Historical Commission


"I could sit and discuss things with Kelli forever. It's very interesting and useful especially for me as a mother who is white with coloured children. I got some ideas of how to fight racism and support my kids more."

Siw Handroos-Kelekay, Caisa International Cultural Centre, Helsinki


"I really enjoyed how you mixed the drama and the "open mic." What a thrill it must be to get people so fired up. You touched on a nerve that not many people touch on and people couldn't stop talking even after the presentation."

T.J. Berden, Student, Aquinas College


"Thank you for sparking the students' minds with the pleasure of learning and experiencing what 'diversity' really is in our community today."

G. Garcia Dixon, Teacher, Galena Park High School


"I learned so much from Kelli's presentation; about cultures, ethnicity, race, stereotypes, men/women and also about myself. I had a lot of fun!"

Shaheeda Walker, Student, Edinboro University


"Kelli challenges one to consider the 'other' side, to push past the fear of the unknown, to savor the splendor that can be found in a multicultural environment, to appreciate individual difference, to search out one's heart, to accept all that is of a person, to grow, to expand."

A. Dawn Frazier, Counselor, Illinois Math and Science Academy


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